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Why do we garden?


The driving force that sends us back to the garden day after day is quite powerful.  It is the beauty, the connection with nature, the nourishment we get (both physically and spiritually) and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from seeing the landscape slightly altered with our vision.

Common sense would deem that the sweaty and sometimes back breaking work should make us give up. But the addiction (which gardening truly is!) calls us outside daily.  The gifts that are graciously provided to us from the soil each season are payment in full for the sore muscles and sunburned skin.

Nothing measures joy that comes from flowers of all types in full bloom. Scents of lilac and roses surrounding you as you weed out your vegetable beds or cut back the overgrowth of proliferating herbs that venture outside their containers regularly. The taste of your first ripe tomato warm from the sun or the crunch of a cucumber fresh off the vine is something we love and want to share with our family and patrons.

This homestead we are creating is a way to bring the bounty of our garden into our catering kitchen; So the organic produce is not only shared with our family but also our clients. Being able to cook food that we have had a hand in producing (from seed to fruit) is a wonderful gift. The fun is in the doing and the reward is in the giving.

So we continue to dig as the summer heats rolls in...

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