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Summer Solstice


June 20, 2020

After a long day in the Green Cart Catering kitchen we couldn't wait to get home and race outside into the gloriously powerful sunshine...It is after all the Summer Solstice and respect must be paid!

The Solstice, being the longest day of the year, comes packed with significance. We are the closest to the sun on this day and her energy is palpable. Since ancient times, every culture and country has had its own rituals and traditions to acknowledge the date. It has always been a time to celebrate the bounty and fertility of the earth. There are so many unique ways the day is recognized throughout the world. Whether its the Indigenous Festival in Canada, the Midsommar Festivals in Sweden or the Druid rituals at Stonehenge...all are relevant and special. My favorite are the fire festivals, especially the ones of Spain and Austria. Since the Middle Ages, tradition dictates that people light huge bonfires in the high mountains at night; the wall of light can be seen for hundreds of miles. It is a fitting display to honor the sun and her season.

John and I choose to mark the Solstice because it is a reminder to us that we are part of a larger circle. The natural order of days, months and seasons is a gift we never tire of opening. Each new cycle brings its own treasures and we try to live accordingly. In the spring, we work hard on the gardens helping them begin again and we relish the newness of rebirth. Summer bring tremendous growth and time outside to appreciate everything from flowers to animals to sunsets. Fall brings the abundance of harvest and the anticipation of winter rest. Winter is a season to look inward and dream of the coming spring.

We try run our business on the same premise. Our foods are seasonal, as we always try to cook for ourselves and our clients with local seasonal produce. The changing menus insure both variety and the freshest ingredients. It also means we don't get bored with repetitive recipes. It is fun to know that watermelon might not be available in October but the pumpkins will be! I, especially, look forward to the different fruits and vegetables each changing month brings. It gives me the comfort of continuity but also the change that inspires creativity. And to a cook, that is a priceless gift.

So, tonight , we will sit in front of our Solstice bonfire and raise our glasses to this beautiful season and say thank you!

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