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Opening after Quarantine


July 3, 2020

As caterers, we are keenly aware of event seasons and the demand each asks of us. Whether it be our wedding season (spring-autumn) or the holiday seasons (esp. Thanksgiving thru New Years) we anticipate and are excited to make each and every job special and exceptional.

2020, however, has thrown a very large kink in that work. Covid has halted us, and many others, in their tracks. We were closed for twelve weeks and like many others were worried about reopening. But the fates have smiled on us and today we are back up and running at full capacity.

Covid did, however, force us to look at our catering operation in a new light. What could we do to assist our clients in having their important life event celebrations (babies, weddings, graduations) in a unique way? Things like our “drive by” baby showers, picnics in a box and socially distanced parties were creative and fun. They forced us to think differently, come up with new items and re-examine our abilities to pull these events together. And we did! And I am grateful for it. We connected with our clients on a deeper, more meaningful level. We got to know more about people in the re-inventing. I loved finding friendships in our customer base. It’s been a gift that was unexpected.

As things re-open and our upcoming couples plan their more traditional weddings for the fall, I am thankful. Thankful, for what we learned during the quarantine. We sharpened our skills. We discovered how flexible we could be and how creative. We came up with new ideas that now can be added to our regular events.

So, I guess, in the end, we were taught once again, even the worse things can sometimes bring an optimistic element or two with them. And that is something to remember when things get tough. We will always look for the positive even if it seems small and far away...we believe it is there...waiting to be amplified.

So, wear your masks, get back to your life and say thank you for lessons learned...Because that is exactly what we are doing!

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