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Green Cart Catering, Kitchen and Homestead


I was asked to write a blog about our life and business and if truth be told, I have resisted the request repeatedly. Why would anyone be interested in this little corner of the world and our activities in it?

As it turns, out there are many of us out there...plant based, environmental and health conscience homesteaders who are seeking a better way of being alive on this amazing planet we call home. So we decided to share our journey with them and maybe entice some newcomers.

My partner and I decided a number of years ago to change our lives and the focus of our work.  We started a vegan (sometimes vegetarian) catering business that utilized all our combined skills.  Years of experience in the hospitality arena, kitchen and food industry led us to create Green Cart Catering. We made a commitment to introducing people to the diverse and delicious array of foods that are offered  on a plant based diet. But our interest went much further than just the business of cooking for clients. It expanded into a strong belief that we have about human responsibility for the land that we inherit and pass on.  That commitment led us down a path that began to encompass every aspect of our daily lives. We strove to reduce our impact on the environment, both in our personal life and in our business.

We moved out of the congested area in which we lived and bought a small plot of land in Sussex County, NJ. We decided to work slowly over the land we purchased and make it a completely usable homestead. This conjoining of our life and work gave birth to this blog.  So as questions are put to us from friends, family and customers (which seems to happen daily) I will attempt to answer them. As we tackle vegetable gardens, herb beds, rescue chickens, growing business commitments, menus, and all the obstacles life throws at us (from pandemics to marauding wildlife) we are excited about the journey.

We love being curious students of homesteading, cooking and sustainable living and we hope you enjoy joining us as we make our way.

Learn more about Green Cart Catering at and contact for more information.


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